Thursday, 21 February 2013

What we're eating.

I wouldn't call myself a vegetarian (...because I eat meat, obviously) but I'm not a full blown carnivore either. Our diet is part influenced by our budget, partly by ethics and mostly by how quickly/easy the food can be prepared. We do not eat ready meals (or horse- now that they are one and the same).

I plan our meals on a Thursday (no idea why but now it's a habit) using old copies of Delicious Magazine, BBC good food and, on occasion I put up a plea on Facebook for helpful ideas from other people! Economy Gastronomy (a book I picked up in the library because of its catchy title & tactile paper) has heavily influenced our evening meals for next week.
I try to include one portion of fish & one red meat a week, mostly for the 10 month old's benefit. Brains* & iron. I wish I could tell you we got our fish from a fish monger, meat from a butcher and vegetables from a green grocer but the truth is we don't live within walking distance of any of these. Okay that's not strictly true, I believe there is a butcher 20 mins away...but what's stopping me is knowing how much to ask for. I depend on packaging too much. In my mind I'm a lot greener and local-produce-supplier-friendly than I am in reality which saddens me.

Anyway, I thought I'd share next weeks plan. When I've shopped for it I'll share the receipt. When I've cooked it I'll share the evidence.

And just to warn you tonight's dinner fell apart. Literally.

*had to check several times that I didn't type Brian. Too easy.

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