Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I owe it to you Annie!


This little beauty came to us from the British Heart Foundation shop. It set us back a total of £15. Nothing really for such a cute table. It came on a day when we decided that we weren't buying any more furniture...I promised promised promised that this time I was going to 'upcycle' it to sell it on. That was before I painted it and fell. in. love. 

After...I was totally won over by the picnic basket style drawer and debated whether or not to paint it too. When I'd  finished the rest of the table it was obvious that the drawer should be left as it was! If you look closely I haven't finished the bottom of the legs...but I'm on to it! We'd had this table for ages before I got round to painting it because there's a lot of work involved, sanding, priming etc etc. I had time for that before baby was born and now time is SO precious and the weather has been rubbish, and really I've learned from experience that sanding should be done OUTSIDE! 

It was my mum who introduced me to Annie Sloan chalk paint but it was months after she'd mentioned it that I actually bought any. I saw it at home (in Belfast) but due to luggage allowance I could never bring any back to Glasgow (I eventually bought it from Iconic Home in the antique warehouse). I became determined though. The paints biggest selling point is you DON'T need to sand or prime your furniture, it'll paint on to almost anything and there are a load of colours to choose from. I was unwilling to commit to buying any until I'd done my research (so unlike me but I'm learning to be a good steward of our resources!). People rave about this paint.  The only negative thing ANYONE had to say about it was the price, it's on the expensive side of things BUT

1. I can paint INDOORS because it's not toxic
2. I don't have to sand (I bought a sander for a coffee table project last year but I'm sure we'll use it another time...)
3. it dries SO quickly
4. Anyone I spoke to seemed confident in it

I'm sold. So sold I even bought an Annie Sloan brush (again something I NEVER do...I'm all about buying the cheap brushes and regretting it every time).

So far I've painted two bedside cabinets  a bureau, a child's chair and this table. I became totally addicted to buying second hand furniture when I was pregnant. Costly nesting some would call it! I've still got a rocking chair, two benches, a free standing mirror and a childrens' picnic table to do. 

All the furniture was second hand and came to a total of £143 ...spread across 9 months ;-) I'll post photos of it as I work through it all. 


  1. i LOVE chalkboard paint! i use the black paint to paint the tops of my canisters and then write what's inside of (flour, sugar etc). i also dipped the stems of wineglasses in chalkboard paint & it's so handy because when i have people round, they can just scribble something on the glass! no fiddly wine glass charms or anything :) that little table looks good! :)

  2. I love it too and what a great idea for storage! So doing that!