Thursday, 28 February 2013

First sign of madness??

Some days require a BIG pot of coffee. 

Today is one of them.

Today I emptied an entire bag of ground coffee into the  cafetiere when I meant to put it in the jar beside it. The whole bag. It took too long to realise what I was doing because when the bag was empty I thought 'well that all fit very nicely'. First sign of madness?

The more I thought about it the more I remembered those little 'baby brain' moments. When we blame hormones or our offspring for the fact we are losing it. On one occasion I accidentally tried to steal a car. I bet the police, had it reached that stage, would have nodded sympathetically as they hand cuffed me, 'we've heard that one before'. No really it WAS accidental. I always used to park my little black polo in the same spot outside work. One afternoon as I was leaving, I took a look at our car and thought 'that's the best our car has ever looked'. But it wasn't our car. Undeterred, and slightly smug that our car was clean and so well, new looking- she is an old girl after all, I tried to open it. Awkward. Key doesn't seem to fit. Looked through the window, I remember thinking 'do we really have that upholstery and why do we have a car seat in there...'. 

It wasn't our car. 

It wasn't even nearly our car. In fact the only thing that it had in common with our car was the colour. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement from inside the house I'd parked in front of and panicked. I'm sure I said something out loud to myself. As if that would make it okay! It's all too embarrassing. Anyway. I made it home (in our car). 

If I've made it successfully to the end of the day then it's because of this very mug of coffee. It's cost is far more than it's worth- my sanity. 

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  1. This made me chuckle :-)

    When Sasha was 6 months old, I was so tired as she had stopped sleeping through, I put her down for a morning nap as usual- and then forgot about her. I got Freddie's coat on to go to the shops, my coat on, buggy out, locked up and off we went- minus baby. I had walked about 30 yards down the road before I went SHIIIIIIIIIT (in my head!) and legged it back to the house to retrieve the still sleep daughter of mine! Haven't done anything as bad since thank god!