Friday, 22 February 2013

5 minute mothers' day bunting

Bunting is a bad word. At least I thought it was. Growing up in Belfast bunting was (and is) strung up around various parts of the city during marching season and for me was synonymous with shops being closed, helicopters over head and the news being clogged up with reports of petrol bombs and kids throwing stones.

Turns out bunting means tiny flags, street parties (the kind without stones), birthdays and tea parties. Nice things. Nice word.

During our Big Clear Out I've come across mountains of lovely paper and these oh so cute stickers. I was saving them. For what? A time worthy of some cutebutcheap shabby chic stickers? Oh please. I need to get a grip. There is NO point in hoarding and there is little point in saving things (like stickers) for such a time as they are worthy because every day is worthy of celebrating.

My mum and mother in law are also worth celebrating and they'll be pleased to know that the packet of oh so cute stickers is open. This 5 minute no sew bunting is my alternative to a mothers' day card this year. Mum if you are reading this look away now (and I brushed my hair this morning!).

And for anyone desperate to see my till receipt from yesterdays post- it's coming. After I do the shopping. Tomorrow. 

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